Meet the worlds first self learning e-health system

Get an automatic alert if something is wrong.
A trustworthy e-health system, based on Artificial Intelligence that fully respects your privacy.


The number of elderly people that need care is rapidly growing. This also means that there is a significant increase in the number of people that want to help and care for their loved ones. Aifloo allows a person with any kind of disability to live independently while relatives and others can rest assured knowing they will be informed if something were to happen. 


Aifloo's system consists of three different elements:
A motion sensitive wristband that alerts people if something happens, a cloud server that secures
a continuous connection, the information is shown on a mobile phone, tablet or computer.


Trustworthy and cautious

The movie shows how the Aifloo Mind system works. It also shows how it is possible to have continous contact
with your loved one, without violating their privacy.

Technology and design
that focuses on humanity

The Aifloo Mind-system consists of high quality components that interact with each other in a safe and effective way.

The Smart Wristband is thin and convenient. It is made of silicone which is comfortable and guarantees not to irritate the skin. It is designed by Branch Creative in San Francisco, one of the worlds leading design agencies. We call it Aifloo

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Living the life you wish, for as long as possible, is a question of respect and dignity. No matter where they are,
this also concerns worried relatives and committed nursing staff.


 • Alert system • Trends and deviations
 • Selflearning Artificial Intelligence (A.I. ) • Indoor positioning

A.I. learns the behaviour of the user


Waterproof, wear it even in the shower

Long-lasting battery
(1 year)

Wearable 24 hours a day

In the residence, the smart wristband sends a signal to one or more satellites. There, the signal is amplified and sent to the cloud. The server then sends the information to relatives and the nursing staff. The information and data can be viewed
on a smart phone, tablet or computer.



When everything is as it should be, Aifloo wristband sends out signals showing that it is switched on and working properly. If the wristband catches something unusual or out of the ordinary, it sends out signals. The wristband recognises where the user is located and where he/she is moving. If the user of the wristband trips or falls, an alert is sent out.

An alert is also sent out if the user has not gotten up from bed at a relatively normal time or if he/she is not eating properly or taking medication.

The wrist band obviously also provides an alarm button for the user to press if something is wrong.

The App

You are always updated with information about the users wellbeing. If something unexpected were to happen, you will receive a notification on your phone. Soon you can easily install the Aifloo App and rest assured knowing that if something were to happen, you will be informed, wherever you are located.

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When designing a hardware, the team is the key to success. This is one of the main reasons we have spent large amounts of time trying to find the best experts in each and every technical area. We are very proud to present our professional team with many years of experience.

 We have used the same technical philosophy in many different areas with great success; algorithmic trading, detection of discrepancies in inventory and systems for intelligent climate control. Proven technology.

. . .

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No worries about the battery

We do not believe that anyone should have to worry about charging or changing the battery. Aifloo wristbands have a long battery life of one year and will automatically inform you when it is time to change. When the time arrives, a new wristband will be sent to your mailbox.

Awards and nominations

We're very proud of the attention Aifloo is getting. Thank you!