Peace of mind for the elderly,
their family and caregivers

Meet the world’s first self-learning e-health system

Our system sounds the alarm when something happens – such as a fall, or a sudden change in behavior. With Aifloo’s e-health system older people with various forms of disabilities are able to maintain their independence, all while giving their loved ones peace of mind.

As the population ages, with increasing numbers of elderly in need of care, many find themselves caring for someone – a spouse, a parent, or a relative. Aifloo has developed a new generation of e-health systems that meet high standards of safety and reliability.

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Aifloo’s system is based on AI and is self-learning. This means that the system learns to read behavior, and can send an alert when that behavior changes in some way.

A motion-sensitive wristband that constantly monitors movement data and sends it securely to an Aifloo cloud service.
A cloud server that analyses incoming data and identifies behavior changes or events.
An app accessible on smartphone, tablet and computer, which receives and displays information and warnings.


The wristband combined with the cloud based AI engine, powers and enables our smart behavioural analyzes.

This means that the system senses where the user is located, and how he or she is moving. If something unexpected happens – such as a fall – the wristband sounds the alarm.

Other important functions might be information about whether the user has woken up and got out of bed, is eating properly and taking necessary medications. Of course, the wristband is equipped with an alarm button, so that the user can activate the alarm manually should something happen.

The personal integrity and privacy of our users is of outmost importance, and all the information in Aifloo’s system is encrypted.

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An important part of this system is the motion-sensitive wristband, Aifloo®band. The wristband is created by some of the foremost industrial designers in the world, and is ergonomically designed to be worn comfortably 24 hours a day.


Aifloo was founded in 2015 by Anders Widgren, Michael Collaros and Felix Etzler, with a mission to improve quality of life for older people in particular need of care and security. With knowledge and experience in AI, and with the understanding that many countries are facing a demographic challenge over the next number of decades, the idea was born to develop a new generation of e-health system.

In many countries, the proportion of the population aged 65 or older is approaching 20%, and the trend will continue for decades to come. As the number of elderly in the population increases, so will the need for quality systems of care. Aifloo wants to contribute to the development of innovative digital solutions that give seniors confidence and independence to keep going strong.

We’re growing quickly and are continuously searching for new coworkers – people who share our vision and want to join us in developing the future of e-health solutions. Click here to see what we’re looking for right now.

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We are currently adapting Aifloo`s smart system for use in home environments. If you are interested, just fill in the form and you will be one of the first contacted when the Aifloo system for homes is available to order. Click here to fill in the form.


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