Artificial Intelligence
– the new way forward


Exactly like the human brain, Aifloo’s system registers and learns the behaviour of the user and is also optimised individually according to his or hers personal needs and conditions.

One of today’s major challenges is to sort information and use it properly. Aifloo® uses the so called bio-inspired
Artificial Intelligence, which is a self-learning process that is inspired by nature’s own development. Aifloo’s A.I. technology is reminiscent of biological neurons and the way they improve and adapt gradually as conditions change.


What is e-health? What is M.A.I? Do we really need that?

E-health is simply when we use electronic processes to gather information in health care.

Nearly 20% of the world’s population is over 65 and the curve rises steeply upwards.

It also increases the need for qualitative care. Aifloo® has developed e-health systems to meet that need.

Aifloo’s system takes over where human ability ends. They reduce the workload for care givers and increase the safety of the elderly with need for care. The systems are based on medical artificial intelligence inspired by nature. The technology behind the self-learning process resembles biological neurons and the way they improve and adapt as the conditions change.

Medical artificial intelligence and e-health systems for managing and sorting huge amounts of data are a great asset for future care – simply the beginning of a necessary and healthy revolution.

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Learning behaviours

There are several ways to learn a person’s behavior. One way is to mount cameras at home or to physically check the person several times a day. Many people perceive that type of surveillance as offensive.

That was an important reason for our work. We do not think integrity will be affected when you grow older. Our vision is that everyone can continue to live their lives as usual while feeling safe.

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Handling personal data entails a great responsibility. It is very important that the right person receives the right information at the right time. Equally important for us is that no unauthorised person can get access to the information.

This is why Aifloo® has built a security system that has encrypted communication, without any intermediaries. The information is only presented to the right person and the system will quickly learn how the user behaves, without any unnecessary interference from strangers.

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Aifloo® allows the elderly to live independently, without worry or fear. Now it is possible to care for someone without violating their privacy, while you can rest assured knowing that you can help immediately if something were to happen.