E-health systems for elderly care.


The first self-learning care e-health systems based on medical artificial intelligence developed for senior facilities and nursing homes. Aifloo®Mind and Aifloo®Alert.

We have been talking to homecare providers, we have been talking to care givers.
We have met and discussed with the elderly. We have seen the relatives and we have performed numerous pilots
and evaluations with the volunteering heroes that helped us to this point.

Everyone agrees on what’s important.

We all want to know if something is wrong, if there is a deviation in the every day living. And we want to know it in time.


Aifloo®Mind is a self-learning e-health system for senior facilities and nursing homes. The system understands behavioral patterns and alarms in case of deviations, such as absence from bed or deviations in eating patterns. The system recognizes and analyzes different patterns of movement, eating habits and sleep behavior. Aifloo®Mind is a future-proof service platform that is constantly being upgraded with new features.

Aifloo®Alert is a brand new generation of medical alert systems for regular accommodation with features such as reminders on medication and night supervision. The platform is updated continuously with various functions.


What is e-health? What is M.A.I? Do we really need that?

E-health is simply when we use electronic processes to gather information in health care.

Nearly 20% of the world’s population is over 65 and the curve rises steeply upwards.

It also increases the need for qualitative care. Aifloo® has developed e-health systems to meet that need.

Aifloo’s system takes over where human ability ends. They reduce the workload for care givers and increase the safety of the elderly with need for care. The systems are based on medical artificial intelligence inspired by nature. The technology behind the self-learning process resembles biological neurons and the way they improve and adapt as the conditions change.

Medical artificial intelligence and e-health systems for managing and sorting huge amounts of data are a great asset for future care – simply the beginning of a necessary and healthy revolution.

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Aifloo’s system is very user-friendly, developed in collaboration with caregivers. Through a mobile, computer or laptop application, the staff is always up to date on the well-being of the user and can act if something is not as it should. The systems save time and resources as the need for physical accounts and administrative work decreases. Instead, time devoted to qualitative care is released. For the accommodation, security increases without compromising on personal integrity.


Aifloo’s hardware is self-developed and consists of a bracelet, a number of satellites and an educational user interface. The system is easy to install and start working with. When Aifloo®Mind is enabled, the following information can be provided:

  • +  Eating patterns
  • +  Activity Level / Mobility
  • +  Sleep cycle / sleep disorders
  • +  Emergencies as a case
  • +  Alarm function / alarm button
  • +  Major behavioral changes

The service platform is future-proof and can be constantly upgraded with new features.