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Peace of mind for elderly, their relatives and caregivers.

Anders Widgren, Felix Etzler and Michael Collaros founded Aifloo 2015 with the vision of creating modern e-health systems for elderly with need for security, their relatives and caregivers.

Today two years later, the first e-health systems are ready for the market and the company has grown to 20 people. Our goal is to become a world-leading player in the field of digital health focusing on artificial intelligence. Do you want to join our journey?

To be comfortable with us, you must first and foremost like what we do, enjoy breaking patterns, loving technology, design and some craziness. If you do, you are welcome to become part of our highly talented and dedicated team. Our corporate culture is non-governmental and characterized by participation, diversity and openness.

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Senior Test Lead

You will design and develop verification test plans. Read more»


Senior Backend Developer

You will develop high-performing back-end services. Read more»


Embedded Engineer

The role covers all characteristics of embedded Linux development. Read more»


Senior DevOps

Operations can be both a ‘production environment’ as well as ‘development environment’
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You’re interested in Aifloo

You want to take part in Aifloo Team.
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Aifloo applies the following guidelines for recruitment companies, temporary employment agencies or similar companies. If a company as above sends or provides Aifloo information, such as a CV or contact information for a candidate / candidates, the candidatures / candidates can be contacted directly by Aifloo. There will not be any fee to claim for the recruitment/candidate staff introduction or any equivalent nature of services, unless there is a signed contract in place between relevant parties.

When designing a system, the team is the key to success. This is one of the main reasons we have spent large amounts of time trying to find the best experts in each and every technical area. We are very proud to present our professional team with many years of experience.

We have used the same technical philosophy in many different areas with great success; algorithmic trading, detection of discrepancies in inventory and systems for intelligent climate control. Proven technology.

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