Modern e-Health Systems
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More Time for Quality Care

Aifloo’s system, Aifloo®Mind for elderly care increases safety and security for those who need care, and eases the workload for caregivers. The system learns to recognize patterns of movement and behavior, and sends out an alert when the pattern changes, such as in the case of a fall, a long absence from bed, or malnourishment. Aifloo®Mind is a future-proof service platform that can be constantly updated with new functions.

It’s smart technology used to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of elderly users, allowing caregivers devote their time to the all-important human interactions and care.


Aifloo®Mind is a cloud service made up of a wristband, a number of sensors – we call them satellites – and an easy-to-use interface. The system is easy to work with.

When Aifloo®Mind is fully activated, it provides:

  • +  Alerts for emergency situations, such as falls
  • +  An alarm button
  • +  Information about
  •     – Eating habits/malnutrition
  •     – Activity levels/mobility
  •     – Sleep cycles/sleeping disorders
  •     – Changes in behavior

The system is self-learning which means that it learns to recognize the unique behavior of the individual who uses the service. This way, Aifloo®Mind will quickly learn whether the user is in need of help. We are all individuals with unique needs and habits – Aifloo®Mind is adapted to that reality.

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An important part of this system is the motion-sensitive wristband, Aifloo®band. The wristband is created by some of the best industrial designers in the world, and is ergonomically designed to be worn comfortably 24 hours a day. The wristband combined with the cloud based AI engine, powers and enables our smart behavioural analyzes.

A.I. learns the behaviour of the user


Waterproof, wear it even in the shower

Long-lasting battery (1 year)

Wearable 24 hours a day


Aifloo’s system is user-friendly, developed in collaboration with elderly users and professional caregivers. Via the smartphone app or the computer, there is always access to up-to-date information about the user’s wellbeing, and are able to act immediately if something is wrong. It’s a service that saves time and resources, reducing the need for in-person checkups and administrative work. The wellbeing of users can be monitored securely, without compromising on their independence and personal integrity.


When everything is as it should, Aifloo®Mind sends out signals showing that it is switched on and working properly. If something out of the ordinary is detected, the system sends out a signal. It recognizes where the user is located and how he or she is moving. For example, in the case of a fall, an alarm is sent automatically.

An alert is also sent out if the user has not gotten up from bed at a relatively normal time or if he or she is not eating properly.
Of course the wristband also has an alarm button, so that the user can manually activate the alarm should something go wrong.


We don’t think anyone should have to worry about whether batteries are fully charged or need changing. The batteries on our wristbands last a full year, and send out an automatic signal when it’s time to change – and a new wristband arrives in the mail.


We’re very proud of the attention Aifloo® is getting. Thank you!