November 14, 2017

Aifloo reinforces the team

Welcome Tor Carlsson, AI Engineer, Bartek Piotrowski, Installation & Support and Martin Olsson, Frontend Developer, new team members at Aifloo.

Tor has studied biomedical engineering, with focus on embedded systems and sensor-techniques. He’s curios about technology and how it can be used in new situations and applications, and is passionate about electronics. Tor has previous experience from industrial, open-source embedded system design and development.

Bartek is a certified secondary school engineer in electronics and telecommunications. He has worked as a test and verification engineer at several development departments. Bartek has knowledge of communication in many protocols like CanBus and Mbus, and used to work with data acquisition systems like NI Labview and Intab. He likes new technology, mechanics and programming.

Martin is passionate about web development and building delightful user experiences. An entrepreneur and inventor for 20 years, he has built tools for everybody from toddlers to executives, always focusing on simple and beautiful solutions to complex problems. Most recently Martin worked with visualising Big Data in telecom, power and finance.

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