October 4, 2017

Aifloo´s e-health system is up and running at Aleris Plaza Salabacke

Today we celebrate the first installation of our unique e-health system Aifloo®Mind at Aleris Plaza Salabacke in Uppsala, Sweden. Aleris Plaza Salabacke is a retirement home built and designed with the needs of the elderly in focus. With Aifloos intelligent system Aleris Plaza is on the forefront of welfare technology.

Peter Ceder, Head of Establishment at Aleris, said: “We want to be innovative and driven by constant curiosity about how we, through clever technology, can facilitate and improve the everyday lives of our elderly people, without tumbling on human care. All welfare technologies we introduce to our retirement homes will provide security for the elderly and their relatives, as well as ensuring personal integrity and increasing the self-determination of the elderly.”

Of course, we are very happy that Aifloo®Mind is up and running and proud of our deep cooperation with Aleris, one of Scandinavias leading private healthcare companies. Next installation soon to come.